November 3, 2008

Jazz and Drinks with Dan and Heike

Just as I was getting ready to write up the rest of our experiences last weekend with Dan and Heike, I noticed they already posted a on their own blog. You can read it here. In response to their questions, I think it's both excessive and just another night in NY.

This past weekend, our friend Marcus was in town from Atlanta to celebrate Halloween at the Roseland where Armin van Burren was spinning tunes. More details on this event a little later but, safe to say, it was a ridiculous "evening" that started Friday night and ended Sunday morning.


HighDef said...

Holy Crap. Did you just happen upon Armin van Buuren spinning? Looks like he's the best DJ in the world right now.

Crap, why dont these people come up to Boston.

Alan Maginn said...

i wouldn't say we happened upon him. we started getting into him about the same time we started going to PVD shows. you guys should plan a trip down here for a DJ party some time. armin is playing april 4th but we're gonna be in Rochester for my cousin's wedding. i get an event list all the time so I'll let you know when something good comes up.