October 28, 2008

Back in Business

I'm back. Finally finished a huge project at work so there's time to catch up on all of the happenings from this summer. But where to start? Why not with this past Saturday.

Dan and Heike were in from Boston for the weekend. We hadn't seen them since a ski trip back in the beginning of the year. As we looked for an excuse to get together about a month ago, we considered seeing an opera at the Met but we decided on Arturo Sandoval instead. If you've never heard of him, he's a Cuban-born jazz trumpet player who was basically discovered by Dizzy Gillespie. He plays the keys a lot at his shows too, as well as some percussion.

Arturo Leaning Back and Wailin'

The show was at the Iridium, a relatively new jazz club in Midtown Manhattan that I'd never been to before. We're actually headed back there in about a month to see Les Paul who plays every Monday night - not bad for a 93-year-old.

It's late, so I'll have to finish this story tomorrow but, rest assured, there was plenty of food to talk about on this night.

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CorrND said...

Arturo Sandoval, nice! Can't wait to hear about the other things you've been up to.

Did you see Yo-Yo Ma on Colbert this week? The performance was surprisingly awesome. He had an ensemble with him that was almost like a really, really odd rock setup: 2 percussionists & upright bass rhythm section with cello, accordion and bagpipes as the front instruments. The bagpiper (bagpipist?) was the star. Check it out.