December 31, 2008

NYE '08 - Part 1 - ATL Airport Pubcrawl

Happy NYE from ATL! MB and I started the day with a car service ride to the airport at 6am. Which airport, you ask? Good question.

As we went around the Grand Army Plaza roundabout and exited onto Eastern Parkway, headed towards JFK, I asked MB to double check our tickets for the time and place, just in case. We always ask this question but we've never had a problem before. All I can say is thank God that's become part of our travel strategy. I thought MB was joking when she leaned up to the cabbie and said in her cutest tone, "Hey there, I'm so sorry but would you mind going to LGA instead of JFK?"

Other than this minor mental hiccup, we had no problems getting to ATL.

Throughout the day, I'll be checking in with updates about our adventures. I've always wanted to have a multi-blog-post day but I know that while my intentions are great and wonderful, it remains to be seen if I'll follow through. Among the other things standing in my way are the 4 pints of Sweet Water beers sitting on the table in front of us. Oh, I guess it's also important to point out that its 11:30am (and we arrived about 45 min ago).

Why are MB and I downing half a gallon of beer a half hour before noon on a Wednesday? Well, to start, its NYE. Technically, no further explanation required. But, we're also sitting in an airport, despite that fact that no one we no is flying to our from this location, and no one we know is planning to pick us up. So, why they hell are we doing this.
Well, the answer is we ran into a Sweet Water Brewing Co. bar. We love Sweet Water beers. Under the hot sun at Bonnaroo and Echo Fest, we've fallen in love with the brewer's 420 and Blue beers. Upon seeing the bar, MB declared "AIRPORT PUBCRAWL!" once again confirming my decision to marry her.

Perhaps my favorite Southeastern Brewing Co.

What are we drinking? These delicious brews:
  • 420 - A west coast style extra pale ale that I swear has a nose of peach. Can it be that we're just in Georgia and I'm smelling things? Maybe. 
  • Blue - MB's favorite festival brew, this "blueberry pancake" beer gets a big thumbs up in my book. Normally, I hate fruity beers but this particular brew tastes like fresh blueberries and a beer, all at the same time.
  • Sweet Georgia Brown - I assume this is a brown ale. Nothing too special here but a decent beer all around.
  • IPA - Take the 420 and make it any IPA you can get anywhere else in the country. 'Nuff said. 
Ok, enough for now. We'll check in again at the next stop along the way.
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