May 4, 2009

Choice Downloads - April

Just like March, I felt like this list was weak compared to the previous month. It's been growing on me, after a few listens, so i hope you find it worth our (re. my) time, at least as far as new music.

I'm not saying I didn't dredge up some oldies. Take Phoenix's "Napoleon Says." The band's latest - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - was officially released this month but I posted "1901" back in February. Rather than upload a B-side from their latest, I think it's better to show off this gem from one of their older albums (It's Never Been Like That). On the flip-side, I posted an old Metric tune - Monster Hospital - because I downloaded their latest - Fantasies - and didn't find much worth mentioning.

I also relied on a number of recommendations from friends and readers. White Denim, for instance. My cousin-in-law, Bryan, gave me Workout Holiday several few months ago. I gotta admit, when I came across Mirrored and Reverse, I didn't think much of the band, but thanks to Bryan, I had a backlog to catch up on. I much prefer their older stuff but I thought you'd like to see both ends of that band's spectrum. Ms. Benisch also deserves mention - she gave the The Morning Benders album for my 29th birthday.

There were also a few obvious bands that didn't make this month's cut. Dinosaur Jr.'s latest single was a major disappointment. I felt like I was listening to an Eddie Vedder impersonator who lack a decent Jeff Ament facsimile. If that description sounds like a good time to you, let me know and I'll send you "I Want You to Know."

If you're headed to Manchester, TN in June, stay tuned for my May list. I'll give you a rundown of my favorite tunes from the bands playing this year's Bonnaroo Music Festival. In the meantime, take a listen and let me know what you think...


Rebecca said...

you've been continually reminding me about your monthly download posts (for my own good might i add - brother knows best!) but it was impossible for me to grab the tunes since i had no internet at my apt. but NOW i have rejoined the world (wide web) and actually sat down tonight and went through feb, march, and april's list downloading every song and let me just say - JESUS! this is the jolt of good new music i needed in my life! holy guacamole! great. tasty. delicious. hitting the spot. but not just one spot, lots of spots - love the variety! not only has this made my evening more enjoyable, but my commute to work for the next 2 weeks. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

and, uh, see ya saturday.

Alan Maginn said...

thanks becca. consider it part of your birthday present. after you listen for awhile, I'd love to hear what you like best.

HighDef said...

Lovin the Krazy Baldhead