February 12, 2009

Hop O-drama: Feds Haulted Production of Six Point's Limited Presidential Beer

An interesting story on Gothamist today claims the Feds closed down the Hop Obama beer I blogged about back in November claims the Feds served a cease and desist order to shut down production of the Sixpoint's limited run because, "...having the President's name in conjunction with [their] product...apparently violated some federal statues." 

Oh well. They were only going to make it for a limited time anyway. Didn't make the beer any less delicious.

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CorrND said...

That's hilarious. And stupid. Who says companies can't endorse candidates? Don't newspapers do that to sell their product? Eh, whatever.

I think this line is curious:

"However, since the limited edition Hop Obama proved so popular, Sixpoint has not ruled out bringing it back."

I don't doubt that it was a really tasty beer, but dontcha think maybe it was so popular because it had Obama in the name and it was election season?!